Beginning with development during the PRENATAL PERIOD throughout the CRITICAL SOCIALIZATION PERIOD, we prime our puppies for lifelong success!

​By neurologically "jump-starting" our puppies during the neo-natal period, continuing to provide a blend of skills, experiences and enrichment during the critical socialization period and incorporating early problem prevention protocols  we empower our puppies with the ability to face the challenges of a busy life and to communicate with us in socially acceptable ways.

​Our puppies have started potty training, crate training and are introduced to the car before heading to their homes. They have practiced loose leash walking and attention with distraction and are comfortable with body handling, nail trimming and grooming.

We are honored when a family trusts us to provide them with the dog of their dreams. We take this charge seriously and seek to make their dream come true not only by providing them with a puppy with unlimited potential, but also by providing all the support necessary to ensure their success.

The process toward obtaining your Crossroads Newfoundland begins with our PUPPY APPLICATION  

​We will be happy to contact you upon receipt of the application.

Everyone loves puppies, they are so cute and sweet, but did you know there are important developmental periods your puppy will go through before ever joining your household?

Puppy raising is an art and a science.  We strive to raise puppies who will grow into confident, stable, and resilient adult dogs, able to handle the stresses and challenges of a modern lifestyle. 

We are proud to implement Puppy Culture, the "Gold Standard" of puppy rearing and socialization. 

Crossroads Newfoundlands

Puppy Culture DVD

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Crossroads Newfoundlands is a responsible, hobby breeder of  AKC Registered Newfoundland Dogs. We seek to provide behaviorally and structurally sound puppies as well as improve our breed with every litter.   We devote hours to conditioning and nurturing our dogs and puppies. We take great pride in the condition of our dogs and will invest our time and efforts into ensuring that our puppies go to owners who will provide loving and permanent homes.

All puppies are home-raised, with plenty of love, attention. Socialization is constant and training starts early!