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Crossroads Newfoundlands

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Puppy price is  $2100

Our price does not vary by color or sex!

Included in your puppy’s price:

*One awesome Newfoundland Puppy
*AKC Litter Certificate of Pedigree
*AKC Registration (Limited) fully paid
*Microchip implanted and lifetime enrollment paid.

*Litter toy
*Collar and leash
*Grooming implements
*Puppy Fitness that Fits The Puppy: Booklet
*18 pound bag NutriSource Large Breed Puppy
*Clicker and treats
*All age appropriate health care and health care record.
*Training and Socialization record.

All puppies receive the same training (please see How We Raise Our Puppies for details) including training and socialization protocols from Puppy Culture.

We are in no rush to place our puppies and value choosing each home carefully. Securing the best possible home for each puppy is one of our highest priorities. Our puppies are sent home closer to 10-11 weeks, depending on their personal growth and after their necessary health screenings are completed. 

All our puppies are placed with AKC Limited Registration, no exceptions will be made. We will only consider a change of registration status once the dog has obtained OFA certification (on hips, elbows, eyes and cardiac function) and obtained at least one working title (any AKC title is acceptable). Changes in registration status are made at our discretion.

​WE DO NOT SHIP our puppies. They must  be picked up or we will make arrangements to deliver, depending on the distance.

The process toward obtaining your Crossroads Newfoundland begins with our PUPPY APPLICATION  
​We will be happy to contact you upon receipt of the application.

All puppies are sold on a Sales Contract and come with a Written Guarantee.

Once you have been approved for a puppy you can place a deposit to hold your puppy.   The deposit is $500, which is subtracted from the puppy price. 

Typically puppies are spoken for before birth, or very soon after birth.   We strongly suggest starting the approval process well before the puppies are born.